Rosy wool black crop top


We call it the first collection. Gray wool crop top with sheer black hand-embroidered puffy sleeves and frontal slit. Hand embroidered by Mexican Otomi artisans.

  • Medium weight 100% Mexican wool
  • 100% cotton sheer sleve
  • 100% cotton handmade black embroidery on the sleeves
  • Lined with beautiful mustard yellow 100% cotton
  • Puffy sleeves
  • Wool cuffs with buttons
  • Back button
  • Frontal slit

Disclaimer (or Best Part):

Each piece is hand embroidered by a different artisan making every garment unique and different. The embroidery on the piece you receive may not be exactly the same as the pictures shown. The colors and style of figures are defined but each artisan makes their own drawing.


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